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Our Process

Understanding Our Students

We assess the current skill level using an evaluation test. The evaluation test is based on the skill level for a particular grade level and gives us an idea where to start. The student starts working on the skill in which he/she needs more help to be successful in school. The help is based on the school text books. The students are given additional practice worksheets to help them in school.

iExcel’s Goals

The goal of this program is to help students improve their grades in school. The students also develop foundation in critical thinking and problem solving skills while improving their grades. iEXCEL can be helpful for student who are doing good in their current grades, but they can be accelerate

Enrichment Program

The goal of the enrichment program is to help students reach their full potential at their own pace. We assess the current skills level of the student using an evaluation test. The evaluation test is based on the skills required for a particular grade level. Based on the performance in the test, each student starts at a specific level. The teaching material is customized to meet the individual needs of the student. The students come to the class a week and work with teachers. The student is evaluated at regular intervals to access the progress and the teaching material is adjusted accordingly. The goal of this program is for all students to achieve above their grade level in school.


We help students to understand and complete their homework assignments. The students bring their homework and related text-books or material to the Center and we help them to complete the assignment.