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We provide tutoring to students who need immediate help in their course work

About us

iEXCEL is a passion my husband and I had for educating kids in our community. We started this journey in year 2007. We are amazed with the result-oriented program we developed and very pleased with the progress of our students over the year.

– Aditi Kumar

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iEXCEL offers multiple subjects for Pre-K thru 12th Grade students


       Reading & Writing

Middle School

       Reading & Writing
       8th Grade Science

High School Math

Algebra I, Algebra II • Geometry A/B
AP Calculus AB/BC • AP Statistics

High School Science

Honors Chemistry
AP Chemistry • AP Physics 1
AP Physics 2 • AP Physics C

Standardized Testing (ACT & SAT) preparation is also available at iEXCEL 

Class Stucture

Student Testimonials

iExcel has been a phenomenal program that has taught me many aspects of mathematics that my teachers have difficulty teaching since our classes typically have too many students in them. My grades and learning has greatly improved with the instruction at iExcel.

Kavin Uppal

Johns Creek High School

As a parent, I have watched my daughter better her skills in not only math, but also physics. Watching her struggle with schoolwork in these subjects was difficult, especially knowing that I could not help her now as much as when she was younger. However, iExcel has truly made a monumental difference in her academics by not only increasing her grades, but by helping her get ahead of the class so she is always on top of things: a great life lesson. Because of this, I highly recommend iExcel.


Chattahoochee High School

When I was in middle school, I found that I struggled more with math as the curriculum progressed. Coming to iExcel in 6th grade, I was able to strengthen skills my teacher brushed over in school which made me understand complex problems faster. In the end, iExcel has made me more confident in my abilities in the classroom as well as the real world.


Chattahoochee High School

Mr. Kumar has worked with both my kids over last 8 years and is an awesome teacher. Since he started tutoring my daughter, her school grades improved significantly. She is more confident with her work and understands the concepts better. My son is graduating from college this year and a lot of credit goes to IEXCEL for the contribution it has made to his academic achievements by laying a strong foundation. Thanks to IEXCEL for being a big part of the success for my children! 

Harsha (Parent)

Chattahoochee High School

I went to iExcel classes from 2013 – 2015, and in that time I was able to better understand the fundamentals of Physics, Calculus, and Math. I really enjoyed learning all of the material and Mr. Kumar was clear and constructive in teaching me what I needed to learn. This led to a significant increase in my grades and overall interest which led me to pursue Computer Engineering as my major in college. Mrs. Kumar was also incredibly supportive even after I had moved into college and it was clear that they truly cared about my success. I participated in the ACT prep classes as well and I was able to get almost a perfect score on my ACT test. I would highly recommend students in middle and high school to supplement their academics here as it will help them in the long run strengthen their base and enjoy learning in general.


Alpharetta High School

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